Oh, sources!

My brother-in-law is getting into genealogy. He chose a line of the family I haven’t done any research on and got really excited to see the the work that was “already done.” His excitement quickly turned into annoyance when he discovered that none of what he found in online trees was sourced and that he had wasted a lot of time adding three generations to his tree that may not even be related! As I talked with him during our Thanksgiving get-together, I tried to emphasize the one big thing to remember:
If it doesn’t have a source, it’s not true (yet).
Yes, the topic of sources is a big one and the nuances of each source type and its veracity in relation to any particular event or fact could be, and has been, discussed in depth. However, put very simply: I may suspect something, and possibly use family “knowledge” to help guide my search but until I have proof, it’s not true. It’s a frustrating lesson to learn but a very important one.
The ancestor in question: Mary Ann Waller (Mills).
At the party we were unable to find her death certificate online at the Utah State Archives…I was hoping to show him what kind of information he could get from that kind of record. Later, at home, I did find it:
Here’s part of the email I sent my BIL with suggestions on where he may look next:
I have also attached Mary Ann Waller (Mills) (Hatton)’s death certificate. She did remarry, which is why we didn’t find her death certificate the other day. I have not yet updated my database. This is the information I currently have for her:
Mary Ann Waller
b: 16 Jun 1838, Bagshot, Surrey, England, United Kingdom
d: 25 Oct 1925, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
m: 1855 to William Mills
Parents: Sammuel Waller and Diana Wild
Children: Annie Chelsea Mills
I don’t have any verification for any of it! I’m sure she had more children. I don’t know if she was married in England or in Utah.
Here’s the interesting thing about her death certificate – It has slightly different dates and names for her parents. 
Mary Ann Mills Hatton
Born: 16 January 1838, England
Died: 29 October 1928 (at home – 1788 So. 11 East, SLC)
Parents: Josiah Waller and Margaret Wild
The Informant was Edith P. Fowler who may be related…a married daughter, perhaps? Not sure.
I don’t know for sure that this is our Mary Ann but I believe that it is. 
From here we could try to find her in a census record living with Richard Hatton. Since William Mills (her first husband) died in 1887 she may be in the census with Richard as early as 1890 (which was destroyed), but also in 1900, 1910, or 1920. If some of her other known children (which we don’t know yet but will have to find) are also living with her, that would be evidence that this Mary Ann is our Mary Ann. 
To find her other children, we can try to find her in censuses with her first husband, William Mills. I’m not sure when they immigrated to the US but we could start with 1860, then go on to 1870 and 1880.

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Death Certificate – Joao Ferreira de Lima

Source: Paraiba, Brazil, Cartorio do Registro Civil, death certificate Book no. C001, sheet 13, no. 49 (18 May 1987), Joao de Souza Lima; Distrito de Mangabeira, Municipio de Joao Pessoa.


República Federativa do Brasil
Cartório de Registro Civil
Estado de Paraíba
Comarca de Cartório “Pereira Lima”
Municipio de João Pessoa
Distrito de Mangabeira
Raimundo Pereira Lima
Oficial Efetivo do Registor Civil
Certidão de Óbito

     Certifico que, em data de 20 de maio de 1987, no Livro
No 001, à fls. 13, sob o No 49, foi feito o Registro de óbito de
falecido, em 18 de maio de 1987, às 20:05’ horas,
neste Distrito em João Pessoa-Pb
do sexo masculio de cor morena, profissão Aposentado
natural de Cajazeiras – Paraíba
domicilado e residente R. Cecília Rodrigues de Siqueira, 53 – Bancários.
com sessenta e um ( 61) de idade, estado civil casado, filho de

tendo sido declarante LINDALVA FERREIRA DE LIMA
e o óbito atestado pelo Dr. José Ricardo de Moura Coelho
que deu como causa de morte Parada Cardio Respiratória e Infarto do Mio-
cárdio. e o sepultamento foi feito no cemitério de
Nossa Senhora Apaarecida – Cajazeiras – Paraíba
Observações: Deixou bens. Caderneta de Poupança. Não deixou bens,
Digo: filhos de menor idade.

O referido é verdade e dou fé.
      João Pessoa-PB, 20 de maio de 1987
            Raimundo Perira Lime


Death Certificate

     I certify that,  on the 20th of May of 1987, in Book
No. 001, on sheet 13, under No. 49, there was made a Registration of death of
deceased, on the 18th of May of 1987, at 20:05 hours,
in this District in João Pessoa-Pb
of gender male, of color brown, profession retired
native of Cajazeiras – Paraíba
living and residing at R. Cecília Rodrigues de Siqueira, 53 – Bancários.
with sixty and one (61) years of age, status married, son of

and the death confirmed by Dr. José Ricardo de Moura Coelho
who gave as cause of death Sesation of Heart and Breathing and Miocardial
Infarction and the burial was done at the cemetary of
Nossa Senhora Apaarecida – Cajazeiras – Paraíba
Notes: He left property. Savings account. He left no property,
I mean, minor children.

I verify the above is true.
      João Pessoa-PB, 20th of May of 1987
           Raimundo Perira Lime

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Death Certificate – Annie Emelia Lund

I’m still working on the descendancy for Didrich and Karen Lund. The Jensen’s (their oldest daughter’s family) are taking a time-out, so I’ve shifted my focus to their oldest son, Hans Peter Funch Lund and his descendants.

I found the death certificate for Annie Emilia Lund (Draney) (Wheeler) on the Utah State Archives website.
For a better idea of how she connects to my husband, Troy, here’s the relationship chart –

So, Annie is Troy’s First Cousin, 3 times removed. Their common anscestor is Didrich and Karen… Troy’s 3rd great grandfather and Annie’s grandfather.

It is interesting to note that Annie is the daughter of Hans Peter and Bertha. Hans died young, in Sept 1872 at the age of 28, leaving Bertha with two young daughters – Annie (age 2) and Mary (not quite 1 yo). Mary died that same year, in Nov of 1872.

Then, Bertha married Hans’ youngest brother, Willard Richard Lund and had two more children with him.

So, Willard was Annie’s step-father/uncle and her half-brothers were also her cousins!!!

Anyway, on to her death certificate:

Source: State of Utah, Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1956, entry 23956, state file no. 52 29 0426, Annie Emelia [Lund] [Draney] Wheeler, 15 July 1952; digital images, Utah State Archives and Records Service, Utah State Archives (archives.utah.gov : downloaded 12 April 2012); Series no. 81448.


1 Place of Death

County or

City or Town or

Length of Stay

Full Name of Hospital or Institution



10 days

Dee Hospital

2 Usual Residence



City or Town

Street Address



Plain City

3 Name of Deceased

Annie Emelia Wheeler

4 Date of Death

7 15 52 [July 15, 1952]

5 Sex


6 Color or Race


7 Married, Never Married, Widowed, or Divorced

If Married, Widowed, or Divorced


8 Date of Birth

4 19 70 [April 19, 1970]

9 Age


10 Occupation

Kind of Business or Industry



11 Birthplace (City and State or foreign country)

Plain City, Utah

12 Citizen of What Country?


13 Father’s Name


Hans Peter Lund

Arnagee Bornholm, Den.

14 Mother’s Maiden Name


Bertha E. Anderson

Christensana, Norway

Husband or Wife’s Name

George William Draney

Frederick Wheeler

15 Was Deceased ever in U.S. Armed Forces


16 Social Security Number


17 Informant and Address

W E Draney 3270 Stevens Ave

18 Cause of Death

Disease or Condition Leading to Death (a)

Due to (b)

Due to (c)

Other Significant Conditions

Coronary occlusion

19 Date of Operation

Major Findings of Operation

20 Autopsy

21 (a) Accident/Suicide/Homicide

(b) Place of Injury

(c) City or Town / Country / State

(d) Time of Injury

(e) Injury Occurred (While at work/not while at work)

(f) How did injury occur?

22 I hereby certify that I attenden the deceased from ___, 19___, to ___, 19___, that I last saw the deceased alive on ___, 19___, and that death occurred at 7:00 p.m., from the causes and on the date stated above.

23 (a) Signature

(b) Address

(c) date signed

LaMar Rogers, M.D.

Ogden, UT

7/17/52 [July 17, 1952]

24 (a) Bural, Cremation, Removal

(b) Date

(c) Name of Cemetery or Crematory

(d) Location


7/18/52 [July 18, 1952]

Plain City

Plain City, Utah

Date Rec’d by Local Reg.

Registrar’s Signature

7/17/52 [July 17, 1952]

RnHirst T.H.

25 Funeral Director’s Signature and Address

Funeral Director’s no.

Embalmers No.

Lindquist and Sons Ogden



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about Verla Lund

In one of my Family History Library trips I found a book containing the cemetery records for the Plain City Cemetery. I copied the pages with Lund’s and Taylor’s then added them to my database. Under “LUND” there was an entry for Verla.

Source: Evelyn B. Christensen Harris, Plain City, Weber County, Utah cemetery records, typed by the Genealogical Society of Utah (N.p.: The Genealogical Society of Utah, n.d.), 26.

Verla, b. 20 Jan. 1922, Plain City, Ut. child of Victor Erastus Lund & Edith Pearl Taylor, d. 29 Jan. 1933.

This young girl died at 11 years old! At the time I didn’t continue my research, but since I’ve been looking at census records for Victor Lund’s family I found Verla’s name again. In the 1930 census she was 8 years old.  How did she die? To find out I went to the Utah State Archives and found her death certificate.

Source: State of Utah, Utah Death Certificates, 1904-1956, Series 81448, Entry 14159, Verla Lund, 29 March 1933; digital images, Utah State Archives and Records Service, Utah State Archives (archives.utah.gov : downloaded 4 March 2012); Series no. 81448.


1 Place of Death

County or

Precinct or

City  /  no.  /  ward


Ogden  /  Dee Hospital

2 Full Name

Residence No. / St.

Length of residence in city or town where death occurred (yrs. mos. ds)

How long in U.S., if foreign birth?

Verla Lund

Plain City, Tuah

3 Sex


4 Color or Race


5 Single, Married, Widowed, or Divorced

If Married, Widowed, or divorced, Husband of (or) wife of


6 Date of Birth

January 20, 1922

7 Age

11 yrs. 2 mos. 9 ds.

8 Occupation


9 Birthplace (City or town)

Plain City

     (State or Country)


10 Name of Father

Victor Erastus Lund

11 Birthplace of Father (State or Country)

Plain City, Utah

12 Maiden Name of Mother

Pearl Taylor

13 Birthplace of Mother (State or Country)

Plain City, Utah

14 Informant

Mrs. R. F. Cottle


2975 Jackson Ave, Ogden

15 Filed / Registrar

Mar 30 1933  /  N. H. Savage

16 Date of Death

March 29, 1933

17 I hereby Certify, That I attended deceased from Feb 28, 1933 to Mar 29, 1933 that I last saw her alive on Mar 29, 1933 and that death occurred, on the date stated above, at 5 PM.

The Cause of Death was as follows: Ruptured appendicitis and peritonitis Duration: 31 ds.

18 Where was the disease contracted if not at place of death?

Did an operation precede death?

Was there an autopsy?

What was the confirmed diagnosis?

(Signed), M.D.


Plain City, Utah




3-30, 1933 / Ogden, Utah

19 Place of Burial, Cremation or Removal

     Date of Burial

Plain City, Utah

April 2, 1933

20 Undertaker


Lindquist & Sons

Ogden, Utah

21 Registered No.


22 no of Burial or Removal Permit


  • Cause of death is listed as “ruptured appendicitis and peritonitis”. So for 31 days this young girl not only had endured the pain of a ruptured appendix but the subsequent infection that ultimately took her life. How overwhelmingly sad. The more I research family history the more grateful I am for the blessings of living in the modern world, and especially for modern medicine. This cause of death would be unheard of in the USA today.
  • I’m not sure who the informant, a Mrs. R.F. Cottle, is. The only Cottle in my database is a Laurence Nelson Cottle, who married Victor’s aunt Lettie Rosella Lund. Could the R.F. refer to one of their son’s meaning the informant was his wife, making her Victor’s Cousin-in-law? Alternatively, perhaps one of Edith Pearl’s sisters married a Cottle.
  • The death date is listed incorrectly in the cemetery records.

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