George and Eliza (Barnes) Freestone Marriage Certificate

Last time I mentioned that I had found the index record that matched for George Freestone and Eliza Barnes marriage. I went ahead and ordered the certified copy of the original record.

George and Eliza (Barnes) Freestone Marriage Certificate

Suffolk, marriage certificate (long form), George Freestone and Eliza Barnes, June 20, 1847; Suffolk County; General Register Office, London, England, UK. Wangford, vol. 13, page 769, entry 25.


George Freestone and Eliza Barnes were married in the Parish Church in the Parish of Bungay Trinity in the County of Suffolk on 20 June 1847. He is the 22 year old son of Isaac Freestone, and she is the 20 year old daughter of Joseph Barnes, both labourers.  At the time of the marriage the bride and groom were both living in the Parish of Bungay Trinity, he working as a labourer and she as a servant.

What I learned

This copy of the original marriage record gave me more information than I already had – that was the point of ordering it, right?!

  • I now have the specific marriage date – 20 June 1847.
  • I also have their ages at marriage which helps corroborate their birth dates. George’s age matches the birth date I already have for him of 6 Mar 1825. But, Eliza’s birth date of 18 Jul 1829 doesn’t match with her given age of 20. Those dates were inherited in the database and had no sources linked to them, so I will have to do more research to find the actual birth dates. This marriage certificate at least points me in the right direction.
  • The bride and groom as well as their witnesses were illiterate since they all used “x” and their mark.
  • It appears that Eliza’s relatives served as the witnesses. Perhaps the Joseph Barnes is her father (or maybe brother). I’m not sure about the Eleanor. Although, again from the inherited database, Eliza had a brother and sister by those names.

What now?

I need to investigate these families more fully. But, before I work backwards in time I need to be sure I find all the children of George and Eliza and also find their death records.

Holy Trinity Church, Bungay, Suffolk, England, UK

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Marriage Certificate – Genival and Deolinda de Macedo

I have a rediculously huge stack of documents and pictures to scan and transcribe, so I thought I better get started. This is a copy of my father’s parent’s marriage certificate.

Genival and Deolinda – 1984 – Sao Marcos, Brazil
  • I love how they listed the exact time of the wedding – “ten hours and twenty five minutes”.
  • The witnesses, according to my dad, are my grandmother’s uncle and his wife.
  • I thought it was interesting that my grandmother was listed as being born in the “Federal District” until I remembered that Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil at the time. Now the capital is in Brasilia, many hundreds of miles away.
  • My grandfather is listed as a machinist. He was a navy man all his life, so I guess he was a machinist for the navy. I never knew that.
  • My grandmother is listed as a public worker. She was an accountant for the city of Rio de Janeiro, I remember her telling me she was the first woman to have that job. She also talked about the computers they had in the late 40s and early 50s that would take up entire rooms. Now, she’s on facebook. Go figure!
  • They were living on the same street. The story goes that they met when grandma was 13 years old and grandpa was 19. She was just the neighbor girl. They didn’t start dating until she was 18, which would have been just after my grandfather returned from serving in WWII – in which his ship was sunk (!!), or so the story goes.
According to Google Maps, they lived 98 m away from each other, which would take 15 sec to drive in a car. Unfortunately, there was no street view available for this part of Rio de Janeiro.

Source: Twelfth Division, Guanabara, marriage certificate no. B. 80, 70, entry 7.180 (2 October 1948), Genival Marinho de Macedo and Deolinda Ferreira; Parish of Irajá and Jacarepaguá, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.






Duljacy Espirito Santo Cardoso – Oficial do Registro Civil e Tabelião vitalicio da Décima

Segunda Circunscrição, Freguezia de Irajá e Jacarepaguá do Estado de Guanabara.

CERTIFICO que revendo em meu cartório o livro n. B. 80.-

de Registro de casamentos, n’ele a jolhas 70.-

acha-se lavrado o termo sob o n. 7. 180.-

do qual consta que no dia 2 de Outubro de 1948.-

às dex.- horas e vinte e cinco.- minutos, na sala dos casamentos.-

perante o Dr. Avelino José da Cunha.-

e as testemunhas Herminio Thomé de Paiva e Emerita Ferreira Paiva.-

receberam-se em matrimônio pelo regime de Comunhão de Bens: GENIVAL MARIN-


que passou a chamar-se DEOLINDA FERREIRA DE MACEDO.-

Êle, de nacionalidade barsileira.-

natural do Est. da Paraiba.-

nascido em 1o de Abril de 1921.-

filho de Antonio Avelino de Macedo e Leonisa Marinho de Macedo.-

estado civil solteiro.-

profissão maquinista.-

e residente rua Marechal Falção da Fronta, 1.365, ap. 202.-

Ela, de nacionalidade brasileira.-

natural do Distrito Federal.-

nascida em 4 de Janeiro de 1927.-

filha de José Ferreira da Fonseca e Anna Ferreria.-

estado civil solteira.-

profissão funcionária pública.-

e residente rua Marechal Falcão da Fronta, 1.457, apt 102.-





Duljacy Espirito Santo Cardoso – Officer of the Civil Register and Notary of the Twelfth

Division, Parish of Irajá and Jacarepaguá in the State of Guanabara.

I hereby certify that in my office reviewing the book n. B. 80.-

of the Registry of Marriages, in the ????? 70.-

can be found under the ???? entry n. 7. 180.-

which states that on the day 2 of October of 1948.-

at ten hours and twenty-five minutes, in the hall of weddings.-

before Dr. Avelino José da Cunha.-

and the witnesses Herminio Thomé de Paiva and Emerita Ferreira Paiva.-

recived each other in matrimony through the communion of the bans: GENIVAL MARIN-


who came to call herself DEOLINDA FERREIRA DE MACEDO.-

He, of nationality brasilian.-

born in the state of Paraiba.-

born on the 1st of April of 1921.-

son of Antonio Avelino de Macedo and Leonisa Marinho de Macedo.-

marital status single.-

profession machinist.-

and residing at rua Marechal Falcção da Fronta, 1.365, ap. 202.-

She, of nationality brasilian.-

born in the Federal District.- (Rio de Janeiro)

born on the 4th of January of 1927.-

daughter of José Ferreira da Fonseca and Anna Ferreria.-

marital status single.-

profession public worker.-

and residing at rua Marechal Falcão da Fronta, 1.457, apt 102.-

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Secrets and Lies…

I was sitting with my mother in the hospital today for a few hours and thought, since I had my laptop, I might take a look at some database information on Utah marriages and organize what I wanted to get at the Utah State Archives.

In this process, Aliene and Eugene Lund showed up on my list…Troy’s grandparents. I don’t have a place for her first or last marriages (she was married and divorced 3 times), but she lived in Utah. However, her 2nd marriage, to Troy’s grandfather, took place in Wyoming. I thought, since I had time, and no where to go I would try to see what Wyoming had online. It was quite confusing so I decided to call them.

The archivist was extremely helpful and after I gave her the information I had, she said she’d pull the certificate and email it to me.

When she called me back she informed me that Aliene was listed on her Marriage certificate as Aliene Harvey (1st married name) and listed as divorced. Also, the date on the certificate didn’t match what I had on file.

Here’s the Certificate:

Source: Wyoming, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, marriage certificate 1289 (11 May 1946), Eugene Lund and Aliene Harvey (Anderson); Wyoming State Archives, Cheyenne.

State of Wyoming
Department of Heath
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Certificate of Marriage
File No. 1946
Certif. No 1989

I, Victor W. Matthews a Bishop of the Evanston 1st Ward in the L.D.S. Church officiating in the County of Uinta and State of Wyoming, do hereby certify that I did on the 11th day of May A.D. 1946 in Evanston, County of Uinta, State of Wyoming, unite in marriage Eugene Lund of Plain City, County of Weber, State of Utah, and Aliene Harvey, of Ogden, County of Weber, State of Utah the parties named in the within license, in said County and State according to the laws of the State of Wyoming.

Ellis M. Lund (Witness)
RFD #2 Ogden (Residence)
Ray S. Chislton (Witness)
R.F.D. #2 Ogden (Residence)

(Signature of person officiating and P.O. address) Victor W. Martinez, Evanton, Wyoming

Full Name: Eugene Lund
Residence: Plain City, Utah
Age: 27
Color or Race: W
Single, Widowed or Divorced: D
Occupation: Farming
Birthplace: Utah
Name of Father: Victor Lund
Birthplace of Father: Utah
Maiden Name of Mother: Pearl Taylor
Birthplace of Mother: Utah

Full Name: Aliene Harvey
Residence: 3453 Porter Ave. Ogden, Utah
Age: 27
Color or Race: W
Single, Widowed or Divorced: D
Maiden Name if Previously Married: Aliene Anderson
Birthplace: Idaho
Name of Father: Oscar Anderson
Birthplace of Father: Utah
Maiden Name of Mother: Annie Mills
Birthplace of Mother: Utah

Date Received by County Clerk: May 11, 1946
Recorded by Clerk on page 188 Book 177
Signature: Joseph M P—- County Clerk
Date received by State Registrar: May 16, 1946

So, the date I had on file – which was listed in Aliene’s own “Book of Rememberances” on multiple pages (so it’s not a typo) was 11 May 1945 – one year earlier.

Aliene and Eugene’s son was born in November of 1946…6 months later! It would appear she was pregnant before they were married.

My burning question – Why did they go to Wyoming to get married? They are both from the Ogden, Utah area, as are both Witnesses.

Also, I would like to track down all of Aliene and Eugene’s divorce records. Those should be interesting as well.

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