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Today is my birthday! I thought it’d be interesting to look in my database for any ancestors who had signifigant events on this day. Nothing came up for my side of the family but Troy’s side had a lot of hits:

Burdick, Steven James (Spouse of Troy’s 2nd Cousin)
   Born 4 Sep 195x in Whittier, California, United States
DeMacedo, Julliana (ME!)
   Born 4 Sep 198x in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Evans, Scott Delafield and Angela Lund (Troy’s Sis and Bro. in Law)
   Married 4 Sep 200x in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States
Freestone, Edwin Lloyd (Troy’s 1st Cousin twice removed)
   LDS Baptism 4 Sep 1927
Freestone, Leland Harold (Troy’s 1st Cousin twice removed)
   LDS Baptism 4 Sep 1927
Hansen, Veva Andrea (Spouse of Troy’s 1st Cousin 3 times removed)
   Buried 4 Sep 1948 in Tremonton, Box Elder, Utah, United States
Jorgenson, Ivor (Spouse of Troy’s 2nd cousin twice removed)
   Born 4 Sep 1895 in Weber Co, Utah, United States
Kennedy, Wayne Joseph (Spouse of Troy’s 1st cousin twice removed)
   LDS Baptism 4 Sep 1931
   LDS Confirmation 4 Sep 1921
Mayer, Hugh (Troy’s Seventh great granduncle)
   LDS Endowment 4 Sep 1931
Poll, Calvin Warner (Troy’s 1st cousin once removed)
   Born 4 Sep 195x in Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States
Warner, Phyllis Jeanette (Troy’s grandaunt)
   LDS Baptism 4 Sep 1934
Wilson, George (Troy’s 1st cousin twice removed)
   LDS Baptism 4 Sep 1895

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