George and Eliza (Barnes) Freestone Marriage Certificate

Last time I mentioned that I had found the index record that matched for George Freestone and Eliza Barnes marriage. I went ahead and ordered the certified copy of the original record.

George and Eliza (Barnes) Freestone Marriage Certificate

Suffolk, marriage certificate (long form), George Freestone and Eliza Barnes, June 20, 1847; Suffolk County; General Register Office, London, England, UK. Wangford, vol. 13, page 769, entry 25.


George Freestone and Eliza Barnes were married in the Parish Church in the Parish of Bungay Trinity in the County of Suffolk on 20 June 1847. He is the 22 year old son of Isaac Freestone, and she is the 20 year old daughter of Joseph Barnes, both labourers.  At the time of the marriage the bride and groom were both living in the Parish of Bungay Trinity, he working as a labourer and she as a servant.

What I learned

This copy of the original marriage record gave me more information than I already had – that was the point of ordering it, right?!

  • I now have the specific marriage date – 20 June 1847.
  • I also have their ages at marriage which helps corroborate their birth dates. George’s age matches the birth date I already have for him of 6 Mar 1825. But, Eliza’s birth date of 18 Jul 1829 doesn’t match with her given age of 20. Those dates were inherited in the database and had no sources linked to them, so I will have to do more research to find the actual birth dates. This marriage certificate at least points me in the right direction.
  • The bride and groom as well as their witnesses were illiterate since they all used “x” and their mark.
  • It appears that Eliza’s relatives served as the witnesses. Perhaps the Joseph Barnes is her father (or maybe brother). I’m not sure about the Eleanor. Although, again from the inherited database, Eliza had a brother and sister by those names.

What now?

I need to investigate these families more fully. But, before I work backwards in time I need to be sure I find all the children of George and Eliza and also find their death records.

Holy Trinity Church, Bungay, Suffolk, England, UK

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